background-shape Mobile is an innovative digital asset exchange platform. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, which can be exchanged for fiat or between each other. With a comprehensive list of additional services, such as Prepaid Card, OTC Trading Desk, Merchant Payment Gateway, and Crypto Payroll Processing, we’re providing a one-stop-shop solution that propels cryptocurrencies towards mass adoption.


GlobalXchange Ltd


Mobile application development


August 12, 2020


Mobile application development is not easy because you need to provide the same functionality in 2 different platforms that are using different guidelines.


Our mobile development team is extremelly experiences and was able to implement the whole application within 2 months after the start. We have optimized the apps for the differnt platforms and the different appstores in an optimzed way. iOS application managed to reach number 40 in the appstore for Financial applications in just 24 hours after the launch.